Living a Life of Significance

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Living a Life of Significance

As I was watching “A Good Lie” recently, I was reminded of things that have greatly affected me in the past, and I began to question where God has me, and long for a life of significance. At some level it is very difficult for me to carry on the life of a workplace minister, when I have been to, lived with and experienced a much greater level of physical, emotional and spiritual loss, poverty, evil and darkness. Part of me questions the significance of my life as a workplace minister. Though I do view my workplace as a field of ministry, the level of tangible significance and impact is much more difficult to see. My work, though enjoyable and valuable seems to have limited eternal significance, which I long for.

What more could I do to impact this world and live a life of greater significance? Experiencing this lack and longing for a life of greater significance I began to ponder and meditate on this thought, when the question came:

“What does a life of significance look like?”, and as quickly as the question was asked, the answer came, “Your significance comes from Me.”

My significance comes from knowing the Creator of the Universe as friend, Father, Lord and Savior. That is where our significance comes from. This is a powerful statement about our identity from the King of Kings; however being that I am a Do-er that identity statement did not fully fulfill my longings.

Do-er: One who feels the Fathers love and fulfillment from do-ing the will of the Father, from fulfilling his/her purpose.

I thanked the Father for this statement of identity, but again I asked, “What can I do to live a life of significance?”. He replied,

“You will live a life of significance when you are walking intimately with Me.”

In this movie the characters spent thirteen years waiting in a refugee camp; Thirteen years nearly losing all hope of ever leaving that place… Can you imagine? Thirteen years of waiting with hope after hope being crushed, as your life wanes on without clarity of meaning or purpose. Consider also many who encountered Yahweh in the Bible and spent years waiting on the Lord. Did they too question during the long periods of quietness?

What about Moses? Moses, having been born into a life of insignificance (Exo 1:22, 2:2) was brought into a life of great power and potential (Exo 2:10), only to see that pulled away as he tried, on his own will to save his brothers (Exo 2:11-15). After fleeing the familiarity and prestige of his home, he spent 40 years in the desert (Acts 7:30). Forty years living a life of relative (or seeming) insignificance… What was really happening during this time? I don’t know for sure, but I suppose if he was at all like me,

he was wondering what the purpose of the past events of his life were for.

Why was he born into obscurity, pulled out to live in such a place of influence, only to see it stripped away when he tried to do the right thing, the significant thing?

I hope that during this time he was getting to know Yahweh. Getting intimate with him. It says that Moses was a friend of God (Exo 33:11). If he was a friend of God then he must have known him intimately. For forty years he was intaking the very character of God. After 40 years of molding, shaping, breaking down of the flesh and will, and being built up in the nature and character of God, he was prepared to fulfill that purpose. He was ready for the external acts of significance that he is now known for. I hope and pray that in those moments tending to flocks that though he was at times anxious and questioning, that the Lord saw his heart and was preparing him for the moments that his life would be remembered by.

That in the many years spent in the quiet and in the insignificant acts of men, that he was being trained in the heart of significance.

That he was being imparted his eternal significance. That he was being prepared for the moments that his life would be remembered for. I pray the same for you and me. That we would not act out of sync with the Fathers heart and will because of our own restlessness.

May we be hidden up in the Fathers heart, knowing who’s we are and who we are in Him.


Significant acts are built in the quiet

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