Computer Consulting

The right technology can fuel your business to new heights, but without the proper understanding and care these same things can become time and money drains. Lead Krabi consultants have over 5 years of professional experience consulting, configuring, troubleshooting, maintaining and training individuals and businesses in all areas of technology.

Computer Frustration

Technology we handle regularly

PC & Mac

– Troubleshooting hardware/software issues

– Virus Removal

– Email configuration

– Training on general computer usage

– Performance optimization

iPhone, Blackberries, Smartphones

– Email setup and configuration

– Bluetooth Cofiguration

– General troubleshooting

Peer to Peer and Server based Networks

– File and Printer Sharing

– Backup and Recovery planning and implementation

– Performance enhancement

– Exchange Email configuration and recovery

Audio Video

– Onsite A/V Configuration

– A/V Consulting & Event Management (Weddings, Parties, Meetings, etc.)

– Home Theater Consulting, Installation and Configuration

(This is just a small list of our extensive experience in the Technology and Computer Consulting field. To inquire about something specific please send an email to


Whether the issue seems minor: like not understanding how to properly upload photos, or major: like setting up or troubleshooting a multiple computer network/server environment, Lead Krabi is here to serve you. With a broad range of experience with both PC and Mac environments and Onsite Residential rates starting at 500THB/hour and Onsite Commercial rates starting at 1,000THB/hour don’t waste another minute waiting. Contact Lead Krabi today