Editing and Copy

Poor spelling Signs, Websites and Print Advertising with misspelling create a poor first impression of your business. Yet, many marketing pieces have been translated by inaccurate software, or written by non-native english speakers, which often causes misspelling or inaccurate translations that reflect poorly on your business and drives away potential customers. If you have taken the time to develop a website, or paid for a piece of print advertising, don’t risk being misunderstood.

If you already have copy written, let Lead Krabi examine it to make sure it is intelligible. Lead Krabi will clarify and edit your copy into understandable English for free*. If you don’t yet have your copy written, allow us to sit down with you for a free business consultation to help you formulate the message and write accurate copy so that you get the best return on investment.




*Free copy editing applies to small amounts of copy (i.e. Bullet Points, Headlines, Text of less than 3 paragraphs, etc.). For large amounts of copy (like a multiple page website) please schedule a free business consultation.